Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to your Home

Turning your deck, porch, or covered patio into a sunroom provides many benefits for you as a homeowner. Iowa has four seasons, and with those seasons come rain, snow, sub-zero temperatures as well as unbearably hot temperatures. For usable living space, convert your deck or patio into an enclosed sunroom. You can enjoy the additional added space during all four seasons, and enjoy the beautiful Iowa winters from the warm comfort of your sunroom.

Additional Square Footage

A home addition, such as a sunroom, provides you with additional usable living space and square footage in your home. By adding an additional four seasons room to your home, you can turn it into whatever you want. A cozy little reading area, a TV room, family room, or playroom. Your possibilities are endless. Whether you want additional living space or trying to sell your home and increase it’s value, a sunroom adds valuable square footage to your home that can be used for many different purposes.

A Room for Every Season

Iowans can only enjoy being outdoors for a few months out of the year. With an uncovered deck or patio, these areas are essentially only usable when the weather is warm. An enclosed sunroom allows you to experience the outdoors from the comfort of being indoors. With large windows on your sunroom, you can let the fresh summer air into your home.

Natural Light

Who doesn’t love natural light in your home? Sunrooms can be built with full windows that allow the warm natural sunlight into your home. Perfect for soaking up some sunlight and relaxing on those chilly winter days.

Sunroom Additions by Premier Construction

Premier Construction specializes in room additions in Central Iowa. If you’re interested in our work, check out our portfolio of sunrooms and patio enclosures.