Winterset Kitchen Addition
Custom Room Additions

, Iowa

This family was in need of a larger space and a bigger garage, but was not interested in an addition that looked out-of-place. Take a look at the before and after photos to see how we were able to take this small, dark kitchen into a large, open-concept living space with tons of natural light.


The family can now enjoy a new patio area with plenty of shade provided.

Winterset Kitchen - Before

The kitchen pre-renovation was dark, small, and cut-off from the rest of the home.

Winterset Kitchen - After

This is one of those additions where we really get to bless this couple. This homeowner has lived in this house 40 years and had a 5’x8′ kitchen. We added a large addition and gave them an eat in kitchen and turned the garage into a large dining room.

With ample space to move around and create culinary masterpieces now, the newly renovated kitchen is the perfect hub for the family.

Custom Kitchen Remodel

Often, we’re working in a home where people are living, so we know it’s important to keep a tidy work space. Even before the counters were installed, our clutter was kept to a minimum.

Custom Kitchen Remodel

This custom remodel really opened up the kitchen, allowing more natural light into the home.


A look at the home before the addition and custom kitchen remodel.

We know it’s important that a home addition fits in seamlessly. No one would know that an addition was added, because it looks like this house was built this large originally.


While we renovated the kitchen, we also redesigned their garage and driveway. This is the “before” picture.


From a one-car to a two-car, this garage gives the family room to move.

A look at the new two-car garage with newly paved driveway.