Saylorville Addition
Custom Room Additions

Polk City, IA

This home in Polk City, Iowa is a classic ranch style, but was in need of a modern custom update in the form of a room addition.


This home in Polk City, Iowa was in need of a bit of a makeover in the form of a custom room addition. Premier Construction had a lot of fun with this one!


Before the custom room addition, the home had a cramped feeling inside and the owners were looking for more space.

In Progress

Thankfully, there was plenty of room to expand this home. This is what the room addition looked like in progress.


The family in this Polk City, Iowa home was outgrowing their home, so they contacted Premier Construction to build a custom room addition that fit in with the style of their house.


This house in the Saylorville area now features a beautiful custom room addition, complete with a door that allows the family to access the back yard.

Inside New Addition

Premier Construction specializes in creating home additions work with the existing design. This Polk City addition features a large great room window, bringing in plenty of natural light. The hardwood flooring is a beautiful touch.

Inside New Addition

Modern French doors open to another space of the addition, which could easily become an office or guest bedroom.