Garage Addition w/ Attic Trusses
Custom Garages

Carlisle, Iowa

This custom 2 car garage was built by Premier Construction to not only house cars, but utilize the space above to include an art studio, full kitchen, and full bath with laundry.

Carlisle Iowa Garage Addition

A 2 car garage space with sky light windows

Carlisle Iowa Garage Addition

The back view of the beautiful custom garage built by Premier Constuction

Carlisle Iowa Garage Addition

This addition utilizes space above the garage for a kitchen and bath

Carlisle Iowa Garage Addition

This garage had an art studio above for the owner

Carlisle Iowa Garage Addition

This custom garage addition includes an art studio built in the attic above

Entrance of Staircase

Entrance to finished attic space from garage below


Solid oak stair tread leading to finished attic


Wood burning stove to keep and keep the space warm

Full Kitchen

Full kitchen above garage with stainless steel appliances

Full Bath

Full bath with laundry

Stick framed dormers on both sides with skylights