AIB College of Business Bookstore

Des Moines, Iowa

When AIB College of Business needed to convert a computer lab into a bookstore, we had a vision for what the space could be immediately. With an open-concept design in mind, we got to work to turn this formerly boring space into a professional, yet welcoming place for students to purchase supplies.

Newly Remodeled Reception Area

The contrast of the natural stone and sleek, black, metal sign added texture to the design of the reception area.

Custom Metal Sign

A custom metal sign was designed and installed on the front desk. When designing for a commercial space, interior signage is always a good idea.

Display Window Design

The storefront design included floor-to-ceiling glass separated by natural stonework for a modern, yet rustic touch. These can actually double as display windows.

Welcoming Storefront Design

We designed the storefront to be open, bright, and welcoming.

Cashier Desk Design

The front desk includes natural stone, a custom metal sign, lighting, and shelving for convenience.

Before Construction

The AIB College of Business computer lab was converted into the new bookstore. Working with AIB was a breeze and we couldn’t wait to get started.