Add Value with a Custom Finished Basement

It’s probably no surprised that a home with a finished basement sells better than a home with a dark, unfinished basement. In 2016, Remodeling reported the average return on investment (ROI) for a finished basement in the Midwest is about 60% and that number is on the way up. That ROI is higher than that of a bathroom remodel and on par with a two-story addition. Think of how much better your home would sell for if your three bathrooms turned into four or five. The same goes for bedrooms. Not only does a finished basement add more livable square footage to your home, it creates more room for entertaining friends and family.

Open Floor Plans

When in doubt, open floor plans are most likely to pay off if and when you resell your home. It’s great to add bedroom and bathroom space to your finished basement, but by keeping the rest of the design open, you leave it open to more design possibilities in the future. Open floor plans tend to be better for entertaining and make it easier to keep an eye on the kids (especially a good idea if your basement is going to include a recreation space).

premier construction des moines area contractor finished basement custom design iowaStaircase Improvements

The entrance to your home adds to the curb appeal. The same can be said about the entrance to your basement—the staircase. When Premier Construction custom designs a finished basement, we bring you a top-to-bottom design. This means your staircase gets a face-lift as well. It’s something that’s often overlooked when homeowners finish a basement themselves and something that can make all the difference. Imagine having a stunning custom basement, but a bare, dated staircase leading to it. Not so stunning. Plus, creating a little nook beneath the new staircase is a great way to add design detail while saving space.

Let in the Light

There’s nothing better than natural light when it comes to illuminating a space. However, with most basements, this is a luxury. If your basement is a walk-out, it’s important to think about where walls will be placed in reference to the main wall of windows. If you’re dealing with the basement windows we’re all aware of, the lighting plan becomes a priority. In short, a custom basement design can plan for any possibilities to ensure your lower living space is lit beautifully.

Basement Safety Concerns

A common fear for many homeowners thinking of a basement renovation is the escape plan. Your building code may require the installation of egress windows that are tall and wide enough to allow the average human being to escape (and a firefighter to enter) the home. If your local code doesn’t require one, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Safety is always a priority!

Soundproof Your Basementpremier construction theater room basement finish custom home design theater room

By keeping your upper level separate from the finished lower level with soundproofing, you ensure that people on both levels can enjoy their time. For instance, if you’re a parent of a teen who has friends over often, it can be nice to know they’re being safe while not disturbing you with loud music.

Customize with Built-Ins

It’s okay for the decor of your basement not to match that of your upper level. Still, you probably want the style to be in line with the home, overall. By adding custom features, like the built-ins Premier Construction did for this home in *INSERT PROJECT*, you can be sure the finished basement never looks like an afterthought.

Enlist an Expert

There’s a lot to be said for DIY. Some home projects are absolutely things you can tackle without the help of an expert. However, when wiring, plumbing, and raising walls are involved, it’s a smart idea to get the experts involved.

Avoiding Damage

DIY fails happen all the time—there are even television shows devoted to first-time DIYers failing miserably. It may be fun to watch, but it wouldn’t be fun to have it happen to you. For example, if your basement has wet spots on the walls or floor, without properly addressing the issue before hanging drywall and laying flooring, you’re going to be looking at a giant headache. Flooding and mold can happen quickly and often mean your work has to be torn up.

Understanding Building Codes

City ordinances and building codes can vary widely from municipality to municipality. It’s a contractor’s job to work within these rules to ensure your project is being completed the right way the first time. These laws could affect the size of windows and whether you need an egress. Premier Construction has been serving the Des Moines area for years and understands these rules and how to complete a project within them.

Custom Basement Finishes in the Des Moines Area

Heading into the winter months, a finished basement can mean your family could escape the feeling of being cooped up all day and, instead, look forward to snow days with a home theater, rec room, and more. If you’re in the Des Moines, Iowa area and are ready to talk about finishing your basement with a custom design, contact Premier Construction today.