Bringing Your Basement into the 21st Century

It’s easy to get lost in the idea having a finished basement and that’s why some homeowners tend to throw up some drywall, lay some flooring, toss some furniture down there, and call it a day. That’s not our style. At Premier Construction, we want you to be able to envision what the space will be even before we start construction. Your finished basement can serve your family in so many ways. Take a look at what we could do for you and remember, even if you don’t see a finished basement featured here that you think would work for your home, we can design something for you!

Lower Level Music Room

If you’re a music lover, but don’t want to bother the neighbors, a custom finished basement might be the answer. The owner of this home in Waukee is a musician who wanted their finished basement to reflect that. There’s always room to add extra personality when the room is a custom design. In the instance of this design, the bar was made to mimic the shape of a grand piano.premier construction, piano bar, custom bar, lower level finish, custom basement, basement design

Basement Home Theater and Kitchen

Basements don’t have to be cold. It’s not all about concrete floors and cinder block walls. A finished basement shouldn’t look like it’s completely disconnected from the upper level. Furthermore, dark, warm wood tones can absolutely be used in a basement setting. With your very own basement theater, a trip to the cinema is just a few steps away. This is truly a movie buff’s dream.premier construction, des moines construction services, custom basement, finished basement, basement theater, home theater, basement kitchen, kitchen design, basement design

When the owner of this home in Grimes, Iowa contacted us about a full basement design, we jumped at the chance to bring the elegance from the top level into the lower level. This included custom wainscoting and built-ins. The gorgeous full-sized kitchen features a bar where friends and family can belly up and watch the game or a favorite movie.premier construction, des moines construction services, custom basement, finished basement, basement theater, home theater

Lower Level Bar

Placing bars on the lower level is an excellent way to utilize the extra space. Why go out for a cocktail when you can have your very own happy hour whenever you’d like in your very own home? Friends and family can gather ‘round this killer bar in this West Des Moines basement for a cocktail while they catch the game.premier construction, custom basement, finished basement, finished lower level, basement design, basement bar, home bar, lower level bar

Workout Space

With a fully-stocked kitchen and bar around, it’s a good idea to have a workout space in your basement. By simply defining a space as a designated exercise room, it’s much easier to get in the mood to actually exercise. Stop doing yoga in your living room and head to your yoga studio, as these West Des Moines homeowners do. You’ll notice a putting green is included as well, because it’s important to play a little, too!premier construction, custom basement, finished basement, finished lower level, lower level  design, yoga room, workout room, exercise room, golf room

A finished basement should be an extension of your home—not just a place to store things you no longer use, like old furniture and dusty boxes of gifts you received, but didn’t like. Give us a call. Let’s see what we can design together!