Make Your Home Addition Count


Make Your Home Addition Count

A home addition is one way to get more use out of a house and can be a financially responsible alternative to selling and buying a larger home. At the same time, additions add value to a home and can pay off down the road when it comes time to sell. In Iowa’s housing market, this is especially true. The best additions are those that balance current needs with adding value to a home for the future. Here are a few additions that are will bring you the most value:

Garage Addition

There are several advantages to a garage addition. It is a relatively simple addition, with no need for finished flooring, drywall or other amenities that would be necessary for an indoor space. Garages don’t need heating or cooling ducts, making them even simpler and more cost-effective to add. Parking in a garage can help reduce car insurance premiums with some insurers. Besides a place to store cars, a garage can double as a storage area for sporting equipment, lawn and garden supplies and anything else that needs a large place to store. Finally, homes without a garage, especially in a neighborhood where most other homes have one, may be difficult to sell if potential buyers write off a home simply for lacking this common convenience. We’ve done some amazing garages everywhere from West Des Moines to Ankeny. Head here for some inspiration from our past projects:

Kitchen Expansion

Kitchens are among the top selling points for homes. A home with an expanded kitchen may attract a buyer’s attention and stand out from other similar homes with more conventional, modest kitchens. Having a larger kitchen can also make food preparation and storage easier. Expanding the kitchen is a good time to install new “green” appliances like water-efficient dishwashers and low-power-use refrigerators. These appliances may make the homeowner eligible for a tax deduction and can help reduce monthly utility bills. In both Waukee and Winterset we’ve really seen families blessed by their new kitchens. Check them out here:

Bedroom Suite

When a home goes on the market, real estate agents are likely to list it by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it contains. Adding a bedroom, or adding a bath to an existing bedroom to form a guest suite, can make a home more appealing to potential buyers before they’ve even seen the property. An additional bedroom can also benefit an expanding family. Using a low-interest home improvement loan to build a bedroom addition is also a cost-effective alternative to buying a larger home once children are old enough to have their own room.
Urbandale, Norwalk, Pleasant Hill, Carlise, Altoona, Beaverdale… we’ve done addition after addition all across Polk County! When you are ready to add on to your home, or even just looking for someone one to contact for ideas and design, be sure to contact us first. We’re the expert in Des Moines ready to help you with your addition. Check out some of our past additions here: