Maximize Your Basement’s Potential with a Custom Theater Room

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, Premier Construction would like to help you create your dream theater room in your home. What makes a home theater a theater? Your theater should have a high-quality viewing and sound experience that brings to life your favorite movies and shows. Not sure if a theater is for you? Below is a list of things you will need for your custom home theater.

Projector & Screen

Big TV’s are a thing of the past. In order to maximize your theater’s potential (and save yourself money) your theater needs a projector with a large viewing screen. A projector screen dramatically enhances the quality of your viewing experience in your home theater. Depending on the space in your home, you can buy projector screens of varying sizes to display a picture of all sizes for any size room. If you have an especially large theater, a projector is the best option to allow the picture to be seen from all areas of the room.

Quality Speakers

Speakers come in a variety of sizes and prices. Depending on the size of your home theater, you should buy speakers that will fit perfectly with your theater size. A soundbar is an affordable speaker option that amplifies the sound coming through your TV. If you feel like getting the real theater experience, surround sound is recommended. It is important to strategically place your surround system speakers throughout your entire theater in order to get the best surround sound experience for your viewers. If you have a larger theater, you might have to purchase more speakers in order to have enough to fill the entire room. Surround sound speakers come with a variety of different features and options, so it is important to do your research before you decide to buy. If you need help deciding where to install your speakers, check out this video by Clutchfield about speaker placement.


A receiver is a handy piece of equipment that controls all of the video and audio systems in your theater. All of your consoles and systems can be connected to a receiver and this allows you to easily access and manage all of your systems from one main system. You won’t have to worry about messing with different remotes and volume controls because the receiver will allow you to access all systems in one convenient place.

Custom Lighting

No theater is complete without custom theater lighting. You can really set the theater mood with custom dim theater-style lighting. The best types of lighting for a home theater are remote controlled, so you can adjust the lights from the comfort of your theater-style seating.

Comfortable Theater-Style Seating

What better way to relax than in reclining theater-style seating? After your speakers, projector, and screen are installed, comfortable seating is a must. Not sure what seating to choose? Read this seating guide to ensure you choose the best seating for your theater room.

Home Theaters in Des Moines

If you need a little home theater inspiration, check out this gallery of home theaters that displays many different room styles and options for your home. Premier Construction in Des Moines specializes in home theaters and can help bring your theater to life with custom construction. Contact us today for a custom quote!