Attached vs. Detached? A Guide to Choosing the Best Garage Style for your Home

There are both pros and cons of attached and detached garages. If you are renovating your home or building a brand new home it is important to choose a garage door style that suits all your needs. Garages provide your home with extra space, storage, and protect your cars from the weather. The lot size and shape of your yard often determines what type of garage will fit best with your property. Here’s a list of facts that will help you determine what type of garage is perfect for your home.

Attached Garages


Attached garages are convenient. You don’t have to go outdoors to get to your car or access any of your belongings that are stored in the garage. This is especially helpful during Iowa winter’s when there’s frigid temperatures and snow.

Another advantage of attached garages is that they can be more affordable than detached garages. When builders build an attached garage they use pre-existing walls of your property that save you the cost of materials, time, and resources during the garage build. Attached garages also cost less money to insulate and ventilate. When you are thinking about wiring electricity out to your garage for your garage door openers, lights, or tools, an attached garage is much more convenient because the electrical lines can be extended from your home to the garage.


When adding an attached garage to an existing structure, you might run into zoning issues. You must receive a permit in order to add onto an existing structure and these can be hard to obtain depending on your location, yard size, and overall property structure. Another issue that homeowners run into is that not all yards are suited for an attached garage. Houses in the city tend to have long, narrow yards which only allow you to have a detached garage positioned behind the house.

It is important to secure your attached garage the same way you would a home because if someone were to break into your attached garage they are only steps away from breaking into your home too. Don’t leave any valuables sitting out in the open for someone to steal. It is also important to remember to turn off your cars immediately after pulling into the garage because cars let off a lot of carbon monoxide that can circulate around the air and even enter your home. During the cold winters, always pull your car out of the garage before warming it up and never leave your car running in your garage.

Detached Garages


Detached garages provide extra space for homeowners with small yards. If your home doesn’t have much storage, detached garages provide a large additional space to store your belongings. Detached garages are sometimes used as extra living space. If the garage is insulated, it serves the purpose of an additional room. The top of your garage can be lofted to create a bedroom or turned into a an entertainment space for guests. There are many possibilities with your detached garage.


The main disadvantage of detached garages is the inconvenience. You’ll have to walk outside in the freezing cold or face the winter weather in order to get to your garage. If you are turning your detached garage into a comfortable livable space, it will take more time and money to fully insulate and add electricity to the space.

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