4 Renovation Ideas for your Attic Space

Are you looking for a new way to add space to your home but unsure what type of room would work best? The possibilities are endless when it comes to your own creative design style, and Premier Construction wants to help you build your dream space in your home’s attic. Our crews specialize in custom renovations and finishes. If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today for quality attic finishes in Central Iowa.

Cozy Lofted Bedroom

Have you been longing for a guest bedroom or think it’s time that your kids have their own rooms? Large attics provide you with quality square footage that is perfect for an additional bedroom. Your guests will love visiting your home with the privacy of a finished attic. Depending on the amount of usable attic space, an additional bathroom could also be added in the attic space, saving your guests, or kids, the hassle of navigating up and down the lofted stairs.

Secluded Entertainment Space

What better way to relax and unwind that in a secluded attic space? Once the renovations are complete, you can escape to the comfort of a cozy finished attic space. Let us turn your attic space into the man cave you’ve always wanted or even a television or game room for your kids. If you have younger children, your attic space could be perfect for a comfortable playroom. The aesthetic choices you make in your attic, such as paint colors and furniture, can help transform your attic into whichever type of entertaining room you desire.

Comfortable Getaway

What better place to relax than in a retreat right at home? Once the construction is complete, just fill your attic with comfortable furniture and an assortment of good reads. Large windows in your attic will help make the room warm and inviting with lots of natural light. You might find yourself escaping to your lofted attic to finish your favorite book or unwind after a long, stressful day.

Spacious Exercise Room

Are you tired of paying for expensive gym memberships? There’s no better place to workout than in an at-home workout room in the comfort of your finished attic space. Everyone loves privacy when working out, and with a finished attic, you’ll get all the privacy you need. Turn your attic in a yogi’s paradise, with mats, weights or even a bar along the wall or create a gym-like atmosphere, equipped with a treadmill, bike, and weights.

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