Custom Baby Gate

Are you needing to baby proof your house but don’t want to compromise your design style? There is a way for you to ensure your child’s safety and still have a home that looks like grown-ups live there too!

Premier Construction Services has partnered with Artistic Iron Works of Des Moines, Iowa, to create a custom baby gate to match the homeowners pre-existing staircase railing. They use an integrated piano hinge welded onto the side of the gate for the connection to the side wall.

The iron gate weighs over 60 pounds, so solid backing in the wall is necessary. The gate and railing are made out of square stock solid steel. The handrail on the top of the gate is a squared-style, stained poplar wood to match the existing railing.

So if you are building a home with children, or before children come into the picture, you can easily turn your home into a kid-friendly space with adult-appeal.