Basement Finishing Tips

Add Space to Your Iowa Home

Adding additional space to your home by finishing your basement area is the most cost-effective way to add square footage to a home. When hiring a basement finish contractor, you want to ensure they can stay within your budget and complete the project on time. Hiring a full-service basement contractor may be more expensive, but it typically ensures a timely completion.

When comparing bids for your basement finish project, make sure you are comparing apples to apples, as some contractors may be including more than others in their quote. Typically the owner will have to choose all the finishes in the space.  Do not feel compelled to have to match the theme and woodwork of the main level of the house. Changing woodwork color adds an additional dimension to the home and sometimes is more desirable.

The one aspect you do want to match in your basement to your main level is the quality of finish.  Try using similar materials that are consistent throughout your home so you do not have an imbalance of quality in your house.

We always like to err on the side of quality when finishing our basements. If you are looking for a quality basement contractor at an affordable price, contact us today for a free consultation. Good luck with your basement project!